Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How to process this election

In this election, there were no winners.

Because, like any sport with 2 teams, there are always at least one loser. However, these were evenly matched teams and despite record amounts of money spent, the result was no change. Both Houses and the Executive Office are the same. 

It's called a "zero-sum" game. 

There is a way to win at this - and that is to ignore the rules. Asymmetric approach. 

If you've been covering my books, you know I'm a fan of that 97%/3% split. In brief, the 3rd iteration of this (3% of 3% of 3%) actually makes the big score. (Which is the Pareto Principle on steroids...)

That's 1 in 10,000 has the knowledge and experience to slip between the gaps of what passes for "conventional wisdom" to seize the gold ring. And the rest haven't had enough "failures" (learning situations) in order to make that leap. Malcom Gladwell's "Outliers" had this as a necessry 10,000 hours (no relation in the numbers). That is about 10 years at 20 hours per week - all practice, etc. 

But the first point is kicking over "conventional wisdom" as false. 

It's widely known that the government can't move as fast as business, and that small business is far more agile than large corporations. 

Tactically, there are all the books you need right now to succeed regardless of governmental regulations, red tape, and taxes. Read Rober Kiyosaki and cross-reference T. Harv Eker ("Speedwealth"). 

A little homework will then take you into these very hot niches where a large fortune can be gotten in very little time. 

The trick is to play this cool - like running a business and not getting emotionally over-involved with it. There are a lot of global accidents waiting to happen right now. And even more people profiting off these via scare tactics. Again, the marketing in use is simply working on the "conventional wisdom" which is hardwired into most of us. That is what advertising and scams are based on and is what government relies on. 

But the technical point is to use what you know about the mind to take this all to a higher level - Maslow's hierarchy.

It means remaining detached, aloof, serene. Releasing then becomes a huge tool in this to maintain that exterior view.

Let everyone else play that game. Your approach is to win without winning or appearing to win. You appear as another "zero sum" game player. It can be done. And people are doing it daily. (i.e. Mike Dillard)

My point in this rather cryptic post on an obscure set of blogs is to offer encouragement. 

To "seize the day", you start this minute.

Good Hunting.

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