Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tapping that personal positive feedback loop of infinite personal abilities...

In search of a remedies for a non-perfect world.

This starts out turning assumptions on their head.

  • It's more successful to not be famous.
  • Extreme wealth can get you attacked by governments.
  • Working on your native rights will get you a calmer, saner life.

"Famous" isn't what it's promoted to be.

If you look over the lives of the famous, you'll find that before and after that point, they lived fairly average lives. Like actors/actresses, most never achieve real fame, but can achieve a regular and decent income to support themselves and their families. Same for musicians. They all don't have to be leaders of the band, or have their name in lights to have a great life. 

And that's the basic theme of this post - that people can and should work to improve their quality of living, not work to achieve some extreme pinnacle which sets them apart. The intentional separateness and "rugged individuality" which people work for actually pushes you further down the line - farther into the abyss away from friends, family and everyone else.

Now, looking over the lives of the "famous" once they achieve their notoriety, you more often than not find that they gave up their privacy to be hounded by paparazzi and autograph seekers. Everything they do then tends to get press, even attending a lunch with friends - or trying to. More often than not, their world turns into shambles. 

The reason for this is the same one which brought them that fame - they were seeking to be different and to stand out from everyone else as the best, brightest, or prettiest, cleverest, funniest, most outrageous, etc. 

And in doing that, they also set into play patterns which also kept them from their own families and loved ones - they couldn't share with others or appreciate the lives of people around them, other than peripherally or anecdotally.

Fame is a double-edged sword that cuts both ways and, even when held by the handle, brings destruction to all it touches. Because "fame" is actually needing people to be separate and distinct from one another. It says that the One out of a hundred is to be lauded - but the other 99 should be ignored. 2nd, 3rd place and the rest are to be shunned. Fame craves the individual to be just that. But as Benjamin Franklin was famous for quoting Aesop, "We must all hang together or surely will all hang separately."

"Rich" will get you attacked.

The revenge of the lazy poor is documented throughout history. That is why the fiction of government exists, actually. Define "government" as the organized weak-willed attempts to dominate the strong-willed - and you'd have a picture of what goes on. And why for so long, some people have made it their practice to continually give handouts in order to gain more support (and re-election.)

Strong-willed (ie. focused) individuals will amass far more abundance (in terms of wealth, money, land, property) than those who aren't able to direct their will (the lazy poor). And government agents are continually resolved to take money away from the "rich" in order to feed, clothe, and house the poor. This doesn't make it easier for the poor, however. They still have it rough until they decide to be more responsible for their condition and start changing their quality of life. Having a large amount of people on "the dole" didn't work in Roman times and doesn't work now. It's an easy thing for people who don't have to work for a living to simply protest, strike, and riot. Look up the recent and historical riots, and you'll find goverment support of large percentages of their populace just before.

Another approach (tyrants, despots, and dictators use this) is to keep all the wealth to the ruling class and everyone else poor. In these cases, they simply encourage anyone who is strong-willed to simply move themselves and anyone they care about right out of the country. Oddly, this made two of the most independent and strong nations currenty - the United States and Australia. In our US, those states which penalize the "rich" have lost a huge percentage of their millionaires and large businesses (California, New York). It also made Detroit a ghost town through rewarding unions (which are protected by the government). Strong-willed people either joined the ruling class or left the country. It's an historical fact which repeats itself.

And when too many people leave, then the "civilisation" collapses from it's own weight. The people in charge stay that way because they have some system in place to control almost everyone else. But once the strong-willed leave (they can't be controlled) then there is no one to keep the society running and the masses drag the whole thing down. People who can't make a decision and focus long enough to create that reality - these people can only be victims. Getting them to protest or vote doesn't do a damned bit of good. They need to produce something valuable enough that they can exchange it with others for something valuable to them - so they can actually improve their own lives on a continuing basis.

People in charge can be down right idiotic, but they'll stay in charge just as long as they maintain that system which controls the "masses". (Any resemblence to current or recent politicians in any country is purely coincidental.) All the media and pundits are just more parasites on this same system of "government". Practically, they don't have anything else they know to do. Were the government to cease, they'd have to get a "real" job, or somehow produce a service or good which would help someone else enough to get paid (which would then help themselves.)

Working on your native rights will get you a better life.

Your native "rights" are those you were born with. A few seconds from your mother's life support - that's what you came in with and are all the rights you have. That's your native intelligence, your ability to make choices, your inherent health, your personal concept of freedom. Anything that money can't buy or effectively change - these things are your "inalienable rights". People claiming that a "college education" or "adequate housing" or "a viable, living wage" are "rights" are simply government stooges.

If you want these things, then you have to work and produce something which can be exchanged for something you need to improve your own life. It's that simple. Everything else is worthless propaganda, designed to further some party or individual in their career move trying to stay in control.

Control, approval, and security are emotional buttons which are pushed to get you to act. (And a fourth, utilized by Unions, is that of being part of a group or shunned as separate.)  All of them are built on the idea that people generally are afraid that they will cease to exist if they don't do these things. That's a fear based on complete loss of individuality - or also known as: death.

If you simply let go of all these nonsensical approaches, then you cease to be the effect of them. And all that energy you devote to dealing with these all the hours of your days - you've have that back to invest in honestly and productively improving your life, as well as those of others around you.

This is where I finally get to the point. When you work on those things called "rights", you are actually working on your own native abilities at the same time. Of course, you have to know what real rights are, as opposed to those things politicians call "rights". Human rights are just that - what a human is born with. A right to life. A right to make their own decisions - plus a right to endure the results of those decisions, for good or bad. And a right to learn from their mistakes - or not.

The point is that you can have a better quality life than whatever you are currently living. It doesn't mean that you need more fame, or more money, more house(s), food, clothes, or anything other than the chance to improve the You that you were born with.

I share a widely held view (every major and most minor religions on this planet, as well as countless philosophies) that whatever you do for someone else comes back to you - good or bad. So working to improve others' lives improves your own. Working to destroy, harm, or impair someone else's does the same to you - sooner or later, in greater or lesser ways. As little as a critical thought will boomerang as hard and as fast as a smile or a blessing. And this is observable and unerring as the sun shining on half of this planet at any one point. Half-lit, half-darkness. 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, every single year since before humans walked on this planet - and probably many, many more after our species is gone.

It's up to you.

What you do with this insight is your own choice. I've made my point by now. Why I was inspired to write this over-long essay was to help you. Simply that. Because you needed to see something like this right now in your life. It's just the way things go.

Turn to the guy next to you, or your loved one sitting close. Look at the shape of their face, any worry lines or lack of them. Note their state of health, if you can. What was the last meal they ate that you know of?

Next, do the harder part. Ask yourself, "How have I helped this person lately?" And: "What can I do for them - in a completely openhanded fashion - which would help them improve their life from this day forward?

When you know those answers, you're half way there.

And when you know you can do this for every person in your life, or whoever shows up in your life, you then can go the rest of that distance. It will take action, even work on your part.

That's your right.

And you'll find that working down this line brings more and more toward you, either good or bad. Because your choices echo through others. As you seek positive improvement, you continue to improve personally. The harder you work at putting optimal solutions in place for you and everyone else, the more this accelerates. Up to and past an infinite speed. Really.

Try it and see.

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