Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just another simple post.

It's true that I simply needed an output line. So I created these various blogs and linked them together through Posterous.

I've found out that maintaining your own blog as it's own site is a bit of a hassle. And so I've worked to get things simple. Posterous helps me with this, as well as the other blogs it autoposts to. 

Another simplicity I've found is running on Ubuntu Linux - specifically, their Studio version, which has a low-latency kernel (for all you uber-geeks out there). Only problem I had was opening up "encrypted" DVD's (which is really not encryption, but a form of trick publishing which moves the data around.) But simply looking this up through Google gave me several answers.

I've been trying to do the migration bit for years (over a decade, actually) but was stymied by the hardware and OS - which both have now matured - a lot over the last year alone - so this is now possible. 

Now I'm ready to do cartooning and get on with it. Yes, you can do everything on Linux now. Or probably install that Windows program under Wine. 

- - - - 

I've been quite around the pike lately. You can tell from various posts that I was in the corporate cult "Scientology" for quite awhile. And left because I couldn't sort out simply why people weren't applying stuff they way their founder wrote it. The reason was that they were afraid. 

But in figuring that out, I also figured out that there really was something to self-help (if you follow New Thought from Napoleon Hill back through Haanel and Troward). Then I still had questions, so found the next three parts: Release Technique, Silva Method, and Huna Kapua.

These were all written up in "Freedom Is - (period)", which is found on my site. (And the whole set of "Go Thunk Yourself" book-series covers that research route.) 

After that, I still had something nagging and went right through to find out what actually happens after you get enlightened (which can occur after you do that Freedom book above.) It turned out that you can get all sorts of native abilities back, but you don't necesarily need to be enlightened first. 

One of the interesting byproducts is that I quit publishing books, as I simply didn't need to anymore. I have one sitting there (800 pages or so) from that A Modern View ( and is available on my Thrivelearning System slideshare site as "Winning Your Infinite Future" as a free download. Sure, I ramble on a bit through that, but I think it's pretty well organized so you can find your way through it.

It's just a final "hat write-up" on how to get from average humanoid right on out and then beyond that. But I say frequently that the kicker is in the fact that everyone has to work their own, personal, individualized route out - or "path up the mountain".  

After that, you find out that the mountain you were climbing so arduously never really existed to begin with. And then you get to do what you always wanted to - which is anything which regularly makes you happy. 

My point was to simply write everything up I found and then help people to find it. And that last part is what I'm working on how. 

You see, entertainment is the widest possible way to disseminate material in a format people can access. So I'm off the books and publishing, except for collections of my artwork. 

And believe me, it's quite difficult to simply turn this corner. Like an aircraft carrier going at top speed. But I'm getting there. Some of it is simply the discipline of drawing pictures every day. Being inspired isn't the problem - it's the execution. So I continue to stretch my wits around how to do this quickly enought to keep up with my volume.

One of those steps was to move onto Linux/Ubuntu with the minimal tools I needed. (I still have one tool, which will be speech-to-text, which may be an efficient way of getting all this content out - but that's still going a research cycle.)

So I just wanted to drop this note and let you know. 

PS. If you've found this little set of sites, you'll note that I'm not really linking stuff along. Not that I don't want to, but this has to be a very fast, almost chain-of-consciousness download. If you check out that blog above, and - then you'll find everything you need, all linked up and pretty. Good Hunting!

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