Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Asymmetry in Spiritual Evolution

photo credit Dannerzz

Perhaps this Spritual Evolution stuff is just too easy. 

And it may be that what I say can be taken apart and understood in many different ways. 

The point is that we are at a tipping point (or very soon will be). 

If (and when) you take this material to heart, you'll find that you change the world around you. 

One of the first key points to find is that competition is a lie (which is an old datum, BTW), which means all warfare is invented as well. Every time you compete, or conflict, or fight against something, you simply are creating more of it.

What you want to create is up to you, of course. The idea with all this thrivelearning system is that you simply are able to create the world around you anew. The way you always wanted it to be.

And you may also realize along the way that this has always been possible - has always been the way things have been. 

This is, of course, why I consider that I need write no more books about how this system is set up and why. Because you can't get there by telling people about it. You have to involve them in a way that they'll adopt it.

So you simply won't be trying to beat anyone over the head with this material. It's all by invitation.

That's the asymmetry of this whole thing. 

If you believe all the press/news/media, you'll wonder why we haven't blown ourselves up several times over by now. But that's what you get for following the news as it's presented. They never tell the story of those actions and creations which are counter-balancing any destruction present. 

Were it not for those creative actions, we'd have gone that route long ago. But creative is survival, and destruction is death. The creative don't fear death, but see it as simply another juncture or doorway. 

And the truly free see this world around them with increasingly refreshed eyes. For it changes all the time - and is what you make it. 

Of course, I'm not laying some sort of offer at your feet, or telling you that so-and-so action HAS to be done. And I'm also purposely NOT telling you to check this material out, as well.

My job now, is simply to let the world know what I've discovered. And meanwhile to simply apply it as best I know. Yes, I still have a day job, but this will evaporate to the degree I am effective in marketing. 

I leave you now to get along with creating that world you've always wanted.

Good luck and all that.

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