Saturday, June 9, 2012

Where to? As my heart leads - entertainment.

Humanfind fate is writ large in self-help books.My own future is a divergent path, somewhat from what I've been doing up to this point. It has to do with where humankind is and is going.

The fate of humankind is easily understood and known.

It is writ large in the annals of self-help books. And in the application of same to actual work and what passes for accomplishment.

I have covered at various times and places (too many to look up and link here) about the bell curve and the forces at work which pull the center to and fro.

The bulk of humankind live in that center swell, more or less oblivious (by choice) to the forces at either end.

These two forces are both good and evil, but not true dichotomies. For as easily, they are named Create and No-Create. And those gray-scaled versions of each other rule the ebb and flow of survival action.

A study of Marketing reveals that all markets are simply "long-tail" minority sections. Even the top of the hump of that bell-curve is a sliding grasp - none hold the periphery long. Products reach their peak consumption and then decline in volume of use, until they reach again to that minority few of the late adopters - or again settle into a simple state of commodity.

It has been said that humankind, on the whole, would rather be slaves. And, to a great degree, this is correct. So the bulk of all peoples are lead hither and thither by the extremes, who work their skills at motivation to push, shove, pull, or lure the great "masses" closer to their side.

So it was in the foundation of this "United States", which was formed from extremists forced and cast out from England's home-base. Yet the majority of those in the Colonies didn't want to dissolve their governance by England, they simply wanted a stable way of life. A minority few "activists" were able to sway the bulk of these peoples into accepting a new form of governance.

Likewise, government has always been at the beck and call of extremes. It itself is a study in minority governance of the majority, which sleep through most election cycles. Provided that jobs are available to most, that taxes are not extreme, and the vast majority have a way of earning their living and easing their own passions, wants, and needs - then government is tolerated.

A study of humankind existence throughout history and philosophy brings these same points up: we are now, as always, simply living out a sequences of fluctuations in the scales of life. As one side adds more weight, the other compensates. But the scales do not themselves become over-stressed with their duty. For time itself, and Nature, tends to dissolve the weighted matters on each end of that balance arm.

You can study the Tao, and philosophic principles even more ancient than these. And the joke stated in the Tao was simply the same problem. You can't state what the Tao exists as or how. It can't be voiced. Yet it exists. 

Similarly, humankind has been running in this same mold for as long (or longer) than we've "walked upright." While it can be studied and learned, and even exploited, it can't readily be voiced or recorded without some sort of added slant or pitch.

There is a flow to history, to existance, which can be ridden much as a surfer does with a board - or a skier, or skateboarder, ice-scater, etc. 

And that is riding the moment of Now.

Were we to simply learn that flow, success is inevitable. Because, as you create your world - and so does everyone "else" - whatever you do is successful. All you do is a lesson which brings you new understanding. And our contribution is that conceptual understanding, perhaps nothing else, as we pass to our next adventure.

The journey is the enjoyment, not the goal or end-point. It's the challenges resolved, the vista's viewed.

For me, it's living this sequence of moments each in the greatest, most sublime peace I can find. And, as I understand the Laws of this Universe we share, is that my duty is to help others achieve their greatest peace - as their peace is inexorably tied to mine.

There is no "wrong" way to do this. Everything we do here and now is right. The trick and challenge is to do it ever more "right".

Apply that to marketing, to having a "job", to creating a family, to running a household. Seek to do everything more "right" in every way - and you will find infinite peace and freedom.

- - - -

And, with anytime you approach things from a Tao viewpoint, you can easily lose track of any goal.

My own purpose seems to have evolved from this point of open-handed help into pursuing the native peace which inspires it. Open-handed help is simply a way to achieve peace for everyone, including myself. 

This study, in marketing terms such as the "bell curve", simply is to say that I'm moving onto another research/production line - that of
entertainment (edutainment, infotainment) as a way to reach a broader number of people. Of course, this is based in the affiliate/product/social marketing studies I've mostly completed during this last decade of intensive study - and also based in no small part on the counseling training I did for 2 decades before that.

The trick is to turn that hump into buyers - and so you present the content in ways they would appreciate, which is entertainment/diversion-based.

Next studies are those elements which tend to operate as "universal solvents". Music is one, and the theme of "Hope" or "Good Wins Out" is another. While this is another study, it's simpler, as so many people have studied the "mob" to try and break through into the popular culture.

Also, as this is to be in a (long) series of short stories, I'll be able to explore motif's, plots, genres, and all sorts of things.

So this is a longer view of how to tell us how and what I'll be doing.

Hope your lives are turning out as interesting...

But, as usual, I'm still open to anyone who asks. All this huge data accumulation is just being re-interpreted agains other comparatives (clunky-sounding, I imagine.) So if any of you has a question about anything - just fire away.

Good Hunting, everyone!

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